With the unique blend of tradesmen, employed by PHP Services, we are the perfect company to provide your Dream Bathroom!

Is your bathroom a warm, peaceful, relaxing place, somewhere to retreat and unwind? Or is it a rather functional space in which you spend as little time as possible?

With careful thought and imaginative design, we can help you transform your bathroom into the comfortable, welcoming room you deserve. In some cases, such as a new extension or upgrading an old property, you can determine the size and layout of the room, but even if you are redesigning an existing bathroom, with limited space, you will be amazed at what can be achieved.

You don’t have to simply install a new bath where the old one was – think big! We can show you the very best layout for your dream bathroom, and that might mean moving windows, doors or even walls!

Once we have installed your power shower, you will wonder how you ever lived without it! Taking a shower is the perfect way to begin or end your day. Powerful jets of temperature controlled water can unwind your mind and refresh your body, relax your muscles or invigorate your senses.

Of all the rooms in the house, the bathroom needs the most flexible lighting scheme. It should be bright enough to enable you to put on make-up or shave, but a bath would not be relaxing under a 100-watt bulb! With a multitude of options to choose from we can utilise down lights, to cast pools of light onto the surface below which are great on water and glass. LED’s to outline a wall or floor area and enhance a bespoke feature. Switches and dimmers can be used to operate different lighting solutions and adjust the ambiance of the room to suite your mood.

Electric underfloor heating provides warmth throughout the entire room, giving a whole new meaning to heating and comfort.

If you are fortunate enough to have several bathrooms in your home, we will ensure that they are both individual and functional. A separate bathroom for the children would reflect their needs and style, and would be quite different from the main family bathroom or a bedroom en suite, for example.

  • An initial consultation survey, listening to your goals and ideas, then in plain English discussing basic planning and explaining the technical aspects of your requirements.
  • A fully detailed quotation, outlining the exact works required.
  • Assurance that your new bathroom meets all the current legal requirements in the UK.
  • Your new bathroom suite, brassware, shower, tiles and all other materials required to complete your bathroom.
  • All aspects of installing your bathroom, including building works, plastering, tiling, carpentry, decorating, and electrical works to provide lighting or extract vents, until it is ready for you to use.


We promise you will end up with a bathroom you love, which will enhance the value of your property if and when you decide to sell.

Call us now to book your initial consultation.